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Slab Leak Detection Lake Charles

Keeping sewer line systems secured from leaks and ruptures requires the help of Allstar Plumbing’s trusted specialists. Every year, Lake Charles homes are hazarded by pipe leaks that may happen from construction, environmental factors, or age. Eventually, all sewer line systems experience leaks, but homeowners do not have to put in harm's way if they receive immediate help. Slab leak detection is the best way to pinpoint the exact location of leaks and swiftly resolve the problem. Before our plumbers restore sewer line systems to working condition, we use slab leak detection to analyze the cause of ruptures.

Step One: Sewer Camera Inspection

Before Allstar Plumbing begins pipe leak detections, we use a sewer camera to investigate the state of sewer line systems. This process not only locates the area of pipe leaks but detects any other potential cracks and clogs. A small access hole is dug around the area of the sewer line systems and the sewer camera is inserted and travels through the pipes. The age and material of the pipes are exposed to our technicians in case pipe replacements are needed. Even though sewer cameras cannot identify pipeline leaks, they are a complimentary service that identifies the condition of your sewer line system.

Step Two: Pipe Leak Detection

Pipe leak detection differs from sewer camera inspections in distinctive ways. If a Lake Charles Homeowners notices a spike in water bills, Allstar Plumbing employs a combination of tactics to discover the nature of pipe leaks. Our leak detection gear includes electronic listening devices, pressure tests, and line tracing equipment to discover where the leak is located via the sound of running water and pressure in the pipes. Once we distinguish the area of the leak, our equipment precisely uncovers the size of the crack and alerts us to potential repairs. There are several options of new pipe installation—depending on the severity of the leak and if it jeopardizes the sewer line system.

Step Three: New Pipe Installation

Tree roots, constant construction, and age pose a serious risk to sewer line systems and may cause leaks. After pipe leak detection identify which of these factors have damaged the pipelines, we then provide several services if extensive repairs are needed. In order to prevent future costs and maintenance, Allstar Plumbing has packages and special rates if customers need service after pipe leak detection.

The Dangers of Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks can lead to environmental problems if gas or sewage becomes exposed to backyards or potable water. Slab leak detections may indicate if these toxic contents pose a threat to homeowners. Fortunately, some leaks appear on a single pipe, which follows a quick excavation process. However, more serious leaks require extensive excavations and installations. It is always best to report subtle signs of peak leaks—such as mold and the sound of running water—to avoid critical sewer line issues.

Schedule Slab leak Detection Services for Your Lake Charles Plumbing System

Lake Charles residents have protection and security with slab leak detections that may prevent plumbing emergencies. Our team services Westlake, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, Iowa, Jennings, Vinton, DeRidder, and Cameron. Contact Allstar Plumbing to learn more about slab leak detections or the other services that complement early warnings about pipe leaks.


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