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When to Replace Your Water Heater

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Having access to hot water is something many homeowners tend to take for granted. Keep in mind, however, that there are a lot of moving parts all contained within your hot water heater. The unfortunate reality is that there will come a time when your hot water heater will require water heater replacement in Westlake, LA. If your hot, steamy shower has become a frigid nightmare, make the call to All Star Plumbing to set things right again.

Causes of Water Heater Failure

Hot water heaters can fail for a number of reasons. The most common cause is aging. The average water heater has a life expectancy of eight to ten years after your water heater installation in Westlake, LA. As a water heater gets older, it will begin to give signs of the end of its service life.

Some indications of the unavoidable are changes in hot water temperature, inconsistent heating, strange noises from the unit, water around the water heater, and the appearance of rusty water from the hot water side of your faucets. When any of these issues arise, reach out to a plumber in Westlake, LA, from our team.

While regular water heater maintenance in Westlake, LA, will help extend the lifespan of your unit, it can also provide an early-warning system for problems or issues. These signs are your only clue that it’s time for repair or replacement.

When Replacement is the Best Option

In some instances, cleaning or adjustment of your water heater may be possible. A licensed expert can potentially extend the life of your unit with water heater repair in Westlake, LA. But eventually, even with the help of a qualified technician, all water heaters will require replacement. When the inevitable happens, be sure to reach out to Allstar Plumbing. 

Whether your unit is a standard model or if you have a tankless water heater in Westlake, LA, Allstar Plumbing has the know-how to keep your unit functioning for as long as possible. Since 2013, we’ve been servicing the plumbing needs of hundreds of customers in our southwest Louisiana service area.

Do hot water heater problems have you looking for a plumber in the local area? The experienced pros at Allstar Plumbing will get your water heater repaired or replaced quickly and at a fair price. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

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