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Water Heaters

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Water Heaters Lake Charles

With constant everyday use, water heaters age over time and will begin to experience problems that may require repair or full replacement of the unit. Allstar Plumbing’s seasoned water heater specialist provides numerous hot water heater services for Lake Charles homeowners. Water heater issues range from a deep clean in tanks to installing a brand-new unit. The trick with keeping a water heater intact and working for long-time results from active consultation with a trusted water heater technician.

Our team works hard to provide the security, information, and parts to extend the lifespan of water heaters in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas including Westlake, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, Iowa, Jennings, Vinton, DeRidder, Cameron and all areas in between. Compared to other companies, we cover all the bases with maximizing the lifespan of your hot water heater unit.

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Water Heater Service

General Water Heater Services in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Water heaters need a variety of cleaning procedures, part replacements, and checkups to ensure they function all year long. Instead of waiting for the chilly winter months to roll around, conducting water heater upkeep during the summer is a prime time for servicing. Utility bills and maintenance costs may suffer if water heaters are incorrectly handled. Water heaters, if improperly handled, may result in injuries or further damage to the device.

Water Heater Cleaning and Maintenance

When Allstar Plumbing’s water heater technicians arrive at your Lake Charles home, we oversee several precautions before we begin servicing the machine. For cleaning and maintenance, we shut off the power and release the pressure relief valve to drain the tank of its contents. Once the sediment is drained, the power is then activated again. Cleaning may seem easier than it sounds, but often when homeowners handle cleaning without our plumbers, bigger issues may be overlooked. Water heater leaks, for example, can indicate larger issues and may be subtle. Pools of water around the water heater will gradually appear—but the pressure buildup can lead to explosions or malfunction. Internal issues within the water heater are even harder to detect without the assistance of a plumber. If these problems progressively become worse, it may be time to replace the water heater unit.

Water Heater Replacement

Chronic water heater leaks are the most obvious sign that it is time to replace the machine. Even if Lake Charles residents choose to replace the heater on their own, a plumber is still needed to inspect the unit. Installing the water heater involves a series of assembly steps that can be quickly tackled by Allstar Plumbing. The electrical, glass lines, and water lines need to be meticulously connected to the machine since leaks are a common issue among newly installed heaters. There are even more safety and maintenance protocols that require the supervision of an expert water heater technician. Homeowners may select tankless and traditional water heaters, which we can install.

Trust Allstar Plumbing with Your Lake Charles Water Heater Problems

Lake Charles homeowners are not advised to tackle water heater cleaning on their own since they are a lot of moving parts involved in preserving the system. Water heaters are a device that requires a lot of nuance and skill to install—contact us today for more consultation about heaters for your Louisiana property.


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