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Drain Stoppages

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Drain Stoppages Lake Charles

A Lake Charles plumber is the necessary solution if you begin to notice a clogged drain or water pooling in your shower or sinks. Allstar Plumbing is the professional plumbing team to call when drain stoppages in Lake Charles begin to affect the flow rate of your pipes. Our team of dedicated plumbers understands that each clogged drain situation is unique. From years of buildup to a foreign object lodged in the pipe, drain stoppages need to be addressed immediately.

When you contact a Lake Charles plumber, you expect professional, courteous technicians who arrive at your home on time and are respectful of your property. When you allow the Allstar Plumbing team to help resolve your drain stoppages, you can expect that our professional plumbers will fully inspect the issue, answer each of your questions and explain the possible solutions before beginning the project. With fair and transparent pricing, our team has become known as the industry leader in curing drain stoppages Lake Charles and the surrounding areas.

Signs Of Lake Charles Drain Stoppage

Drain stoppages never occur at a convenient time. Whether the issue has developed due to man-made problems or environmental issues, it’s pertinent to tend to the challenge immediately. Leaving a clogged drain unattended can result in further pipe damage or raw sewage gathering inside your home. When you begin to notice the problems described below, it’s time to give the professional Lake Charles plumbers at Allstar Plumbing a call.

Drain stoppage warning signs:

  • Gurgling toilet
  • Pooling water in shower or sink
  • Sewage backup in toilets or drains
  • Sewage smell seeping from the drain

While these are common signs of a clogged drain, you may experience other issues with your Lake Charles pipes. Take note of any changes to the flow of your wastewater and contact the Allstar Plumbing team if you’re concerned over the performance of your drains or pipes.

Avoid Drain Stoppage Lake Charles

The best way to prevent dealing with clogged drains is to schedule a routine plumbing inspection. The Allstar Plumbing team can perform a camera inspection of your pipes to determine what is causing the blockage. Once our skilled team has located the clog, we will offer the best solution to cure your drain stoppage. Our most commonly used clog removal methods include drain snaking and pipe scaling.

Snaking is a common method of clearing clogged drains in Lake Charles when the blockage hasn’t traveled too far within the pipe. Our advanced snaking cables have a tool at the end of the cable that can grab and completely remove the clog as opposed to pushing it further into the pipe.

Pipe descaling uses scrubbing tools attached to a cable that is inserted into the plumbing system. The cable is guided through the pipe and the scrubbers remove buildup from the inside walls. As the debris is loosened from the pipe walls, it is washed through your system into the local sewer.

Rely On Allstar Plumbing For Lake Charles Drain Stoppages

Our Lake Charles plumbing experts provide you with the right fix for any type of drain stoppage. Not only will you get the best price from Allstar Plumbing, but you can rest assured our technicians are courteous, skilled and respectful. When you need professional assistance with your clogged drains, Allstar Plumbing is the team to call.


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